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"The Encyclopedia of World History" Peter N. Stearns Our price: $41.96 | You save: $17.99
...available here.
So who drilled the first oil well in Pennsylvania in 1859? For the answer, many professional historians turn to the "Langer," which for decades has been the bible of historical reference. Historian Peter Sterns breathes new life into this venerable work, which was last updated in 1972. Features 52 new maps, a 20,000-entry index, and a CD-ROM.

"Oxford Dictionary of Difficult Words" Archie Hobson Our price: $13.56 | You save: $3.39
...available here.
Is that person sequacious, servile, or just plain serene? Here's a compact guide aimed at helping us with the words that most of us stumble over. "The Oxford Dictionary of Difficult Words," which includes more than 10,000 of them, is perfect for students, professionals, and anyone else who wants to expand their vocabulary.

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"The New Oxford American Dictionary" Frank R. Abate Our price: $35.00 | You save: $15.00
...available here.


"People on People : The Oxford Dictionary of Biographical Quotations" Susan Ratcliffe Our price: $24.50 | You save: $10.50 ...available here.
"Writing about her is like trying to wrap up 115 pounds of smoke," said Pete Martin, referring to Grace Kelly. In Oxford's "People on People," edited by Susan Ratcliffe, you'll find lots of memorable quotes by and about memorable people. ...available here.
Read more ...available here.

"New York Public Library Literature Companion" Anne Skillion Our price: $28.00 | You save: $12.00 ...available here.
Looking up classic books and their authors in "The New York Public Library Literature Companion" is the next best thing to walking up the steps between Patience and Fortitude, the stone lions that guard the NYPL's entrance. In this terrific reference, you'll find entries on writers, books, awards, periodicals, and everything else you need to immerse yourself in world literature. ...available here.
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Thousands of books are now available for you to browse through at Any time you see this bent orange arrow on a book--or the words "Look inside!"--it means parts of that book are available for you to look at online. Learn more or try looking inside The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior. ...available here.

"Ask : The Revolutionary New Guide for Getting Total Customer Satisfaction" Barbara Rollin Our price: $10.36 | You save: $2.59 ...available here.
Have you ever envied those people who get the best travel deals, show tickets, and tables at restaurants? Now you can be one of them. Just follow the advice in Barbara Rollin's "Ask!" and you're on your way to lower credit card rates, cheaper hotel rooms, and much more. Never settle for less, suggests Rollin, when all you have to do is ask. ...available here.
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"Buying Guide 2002 (Consumer Reports Buying Guide, 2002)" Consumer Reports Our price: $9.99 ...available here.
Get the scoop on appliances, cars, computer equipment, and more from the most respected source around: "Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2002." Whether you're planning to spend a lot or a little, you'll find helpful advice and comparison charts to help you get the most for your money. ...available here.
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"Chase's Calendar of Events 2002" Our price: $52.95 ...available here.
The publisher writes that "Chase's Calendar of Events 2002" is a useful reference for librarians and broadcasters, but I think this comprehensive guide to special days both mainstream and obscure is a great browse for anyone. Since 1957, "Chase's" has been the standard reference for holidays and happenings, from regional craft shows to Fish Amnesty Day, when you might want to give a trout a break. ...available here.
Read more ...available here.

"Debrett's New Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners" John Morgan Our price: $19.56 | You save: $8.39 ...available here.
Maybe etiquette guides went out with starched collars. Then again, "Debrett's New Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners" transcends mere style. The British counterpart to Emily Post offers invaluable advice on such quandaries as the proper way to dispose of an ugly gift, when it's OK to leave a party, and how to avoid problems when dating someone richer than yourself ("This invariably provides awkwardness for all but the most committed gold-digger."). ...available here.


Top reference titles

* "The New Joys of Yiddish" by Leo Rosten and Lawrence Bush ...available here.

* "The Chicago Manual of Style" ...available here.

* "Verbatim: From the Bawdy to the Sublime, the Best Writing on Language for Word Lovers, Grammar Mavens, and Armchair Linguists," edited by Erin McKean ...available here.

More reference bestsellers ...available here.


Save on Reference Titles

Quantities are limited on these great value titles * "Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language" ...available here.

* "Life's Imponderables: The Answers to Civilization's Most Perplexing Questions" by David Feldman ...available here.

* "The 2,548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said," edited by Robert Byrne ...available here.

Find more bargain books in Reference ...available here.


Around the World

"World Book Encyclopedia 2002 Premiere Edition" Our price: $19.99 ...available here.
Find thousands of informative articles, detailed maps, and relevant Web links in the newest version of this popular reference title. Included in World Book Encyclopedia 2002 Premiere Edition are two World Book CD-ROMs, as well as the Discovery Channel's The Universe and History of the Earth.">...available here.
See more software Encyclopedias & Dictionaries ...available here.

Sign Your Name
"The American Sign Language Dictionary"
ESRB rating: Everyone Our price: $19.99 ...available here.
An excellent resource for anyone trying to learn or maintain ASL skills, The American Sign Language Dictionary capitalizes on the benefits of learning through multimedia to create a rich reference tool for all users. Learners will benefit from four modules, including a QuickTime video dictionary, fingerspelling, an overview of American Sign Language, and a well-designed self-testing area. ...available here.

See more Education and Reference software ...available here.


"The New Oxford American Dictionary" Frank R. Abate
...available here.
The "New Oxford American Dictionary" delivers authoritative lexicography in a pleasingly serious package. More than 50 editor-years went into the making of this wordy wonder, as the dictionary experts at Oxford thoroughly catalogued American English. Entries are organized by meaning, to further add to this excellent dictionary's usefulness.

"How to Say It: Choice Words, Phrases, Sentences & Paragraphs for Every Situation" Rosalie Maggio
...available here.
Want to sound as smart as you know you are? Let "How to Say It" deliver you from clichés. Rosalie Maggio's perennially popular guide offers the best words for just about any correspondence. In this new, second edition, 10 additional chapters bring even more perfect phrases to your business papers, speeches, and personal letters.


"Atlas of the World (Atlas of the World, 9th Ed)" ...available here.
The "Oxford Atlas of the World" is your key to the political boundaries and geographical features that shape our lives. We live in a time of ever-changing place names, national identities, and world events, and this thorough atlas is the ticket to understanding.

"Holy Land in Maps" Naftal Kadmon
...available here.
At the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa lies an area that is always the subject of intense scrutiny, both political and religious. Coming next month from Rizzoli Books, Naftal Kadmon's "Holy Land in Maps" chronicles the longest unbroken cartographic history in the world. Pre-order a copy of "Holy Land in Maps" now and we'll send it to you as soon as it's published.


"Buying Guide 2002 (Consumer Reports Buying Guide, 2002)" Consumer Reports
...available here.
This is it--the granddaddy of all consumer guides. Due out in November, the "Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2002" covers appliances, cars, computers, cameras, and much more. Offering advice you can trust, this buying guide can help you decide what to buy, when to buy it, and how much to pay. Pre-order now and we'll ship it to you just as soon as it's published.

"The Used Car Book 2001-2002 (Used Car Book, 2001-2002)" Jack Gillis
...available here.
The newest edition of the "Used Car Book" covers all the details you need to know before buying a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV. From gas mileage to average insurance cost, safety features to common engine problems, you'll find all the specifications, hidden worries, and tips you need to get the right car at the right price.


"The Birthday Book of Saints" Rosemary Rogers
...available here.
What's your Feast Day? In the "Birthday Book of Saints," you can not only find out what saint's day coincides with your birthday, but also your saint's patronage. If you were born on February 9, your saint is Appolonia of Alexandria, patroness of dentists and people with toothaches. More fun than astrology, more interesting than numerology, birthday hagiography is the irreverent oracle for the new century.

"Tools: A Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia" Garrett Wade
...available here.
Open a copy of Garrett Wade Company's "Tools: A Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia" and you'll never take a hammer for granted again. This gorgeously photographed book reveals the history and art behind tools for measuring, cutting, assembling, and finishing. Whether you're a crafty tool user or just a fan of well-made things, "Tools" is a delight to browse.


Top Reference Titles * "Jay's Journal of Anomalies" by Ricky Jay
...available here.

* "Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary"
...available here.

* "Best 331 Colleges 2002"
...available here.

* "How to Be a Gentleman: A Contemporary Guide to Common Courtesy" by John Bridges
...available here.

* "How Stuff Works" by Marshall Brain
...available here.

More bestsellers
...available here.

Browse the bestselling used books in Reference
...available here.


Save on Reference Titles

Quantities are limited on these great value titles:

* "Isaac Asimov's Book of Facts"
...available here.

* "Robert's Rules of Order: The Classic Manual of Parliamentary Procedure"
...available here.

* "Gray's Anatomy: The Classic Collector's Edition"
...available here.

Find more bargain books in Reference
...available here.


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