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Rough Guide to Classical Music

The Voice:
A Spiritual Approach to Singing,
Speaking and Communicating
by Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman

    The book reveals the forgotten secrets of the Bel Canto Vocal Technique of singing and returns to the fundamentals of what great, beautiful and natural singing is all about.


    "Unsung: A History of Women in American Music" Christine Ammer
    ...available here.
    "Unsung: A History of Women in American Music" discusses the place of women in every musical field, their successes and failures, and most especially, the obstacles they have always faced--and still face--in gaining artistic recognition and professional acceptance, and what they have done to overcome and circumvent them.

    "Bad Boy of Music" George Antheil
    ...available here.
    His adventurous composing style literally caused riots in concerts halls, but in his autobiography, "Bad Boy of Music," composer George Antheil proves to be one of the most humorous figures in 20th century classical music, too. Antheil strings together fascinating recollections featuring sweethearts, Stravinsky, and all matters relevant to his art of composition.

    "The True Life of J.S. Bach" Klaus Eidam
    ...available here.
    This engagingly eccentric biography by German playwright and television scriptwriter Klaus Eidam tries to knock off the dust accumulated around Bach by generations of writers more concerned with their own musical, religious, or political theories than the particulars of the composer's life. His aim is to restore Bach to the general public as a musician first and foremost, well versed in the techniques and instruments of his day, deeply immersed in his artistic goals.

    "Alfred Brendel on Music: Collected Essays" Alfred Brendel
    ...available here.
    As part of the celebrations surrounding Alfred Brendel's 70th birthday, this collection gathers earlier writings by the brilliant pianist (who also published his first book of poetry, "One Finger Too Many," not long ago) alongside new, unpublished pieces. Essays are culled from Brendel's "Musical Thoughts and Afterthoughts" and "Music Sounded Out."

    "The Queen's Throat: Opera, Homosexuality, and the Mystery of Desire" Wayne Koestenbaum
    ...available here.
    In "The Queen's Throat: Opera, Homosexuality, and the Mystery of Desire," self-proclaimed opera queen Wayne Koestenbaum investigates the hidden--and unexpected--mysteries that opera and sexuality produce. It's an investigation of the intricate interplay between art and sexuality, between beauty and eroticism.


    "Silla-Complete Opera" George Frideric Handel
    ...available here.
    "Silla" has a sketchy history, with no record of a performance in the composer's lifetime. This "opera seria" was written early during Handel's resettlement to London, although some of the music was later recycled. Download two selections from this Handel rarity now, for free, from

    "Sol per te, bell'idol mio" (Natasha Marsh and Joanne Lunn)
    ...available here.

    "Alza il volo mia fama" (James Bowman)
    ...available here.


    "Alfons V ("El Magnanim"): El Cancionero de Montecassino-Religious and Profane Music" Jordi Savall
    ...available here.
    Alfons V ("The Magnanimous") had high artistic ambitions for his dominion when he ascended the throne of Aragon in 1416. And for a short time, his patronage did produce an extraordinary musical rebirth centered in Naples. The "Cancionero de Montecassino" contains a wonderful potpourri of styles for sacred and secular purposes--yet another example of the versatility and breadth of musical discovery that are characteristic of Early Music guru Jordi Savall.
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    ...available here.


    "Spem in Alium" T. Tallis
    ...available here.
    Named for Renaissance composer Thomas Tallis, Peter Phillips and his extraordinary singers have found great footing in the 16th century, though they perform music from several other periods as well. "Spem in Alium" was the Tallis Scholars' first recording devoted to their namesake composer--and it remains one of the best Tallis discs available.
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    ...available here.


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