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From holistic healing guides to low-fat recipe collections, our troop of low-priced books will bolster both your physical and mental health.

"The Healing Herbs : The Ultimate Guide to the Curative Power of Nature's Medicines" Michael Castleman Our price: $9.99 | You save: $17.96
...available here.
"The Healing Herbs" provides the information you need to use the earth's wonderful bounty of medicinal plants confidently, effectively, and above all, safely. It examines 100 of the most widely used, most easily available, most familiar, and most fascinating medicinal plants, tracing their history, folklore, and healing properties, and summarizing the latest scientific research on their many benefits.

"For Fidelity : How Intimacy and Commitment Enrich Our Lives" Catherine M. Wallace Our price: $3.99 | You save: $18.01
...available here.
For gay, straight, young, old, married, and single readers looking for guidance about how and when to have sex, "For Fidelity" offers sound advice. For some, it offers the answer. For everyone, it articulates an ideal of passionate commitment that should not be ignored.

"Total Health for Women : From Allergies and Back Pain to Overweight and Pms, the Best Preventive Andcurative Advice for More Than 100 Women's Health p" Ellen Michaud Our price: $4.99 | You save: $10.96
...available here.
This book is packed with tips and advice from over 300 doctors on 100 of the health problems that worry women the most.

More bargain health titles
...available here.

Posted 8 February 2002, (ncdn)

"The Greenspan Effect: Words That Move the World's Markets" Jeffrey L. Cruikshank Our price: $5.68 | You save: $13.27
...available here.
Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan has incontrovertibly turned his formerly anonymous presidential appointment into the single most dominant financial position on earth. Whenever he prepares to speak, fiscal agents around the world hold their collective breaths--and then react emphatically to his words, often even before he finishes saying them. But exactly what does he say that so affects money management? And precisely why does he say it? David Sicilia and Jeffrey Cruikshank do a formidable job of answering both questions by analyzing the chairman's own statements. The result is an insightful, point-by-point assessment of the man and his enormous influence.

"The Essential Buffett: Timeless Principles for the New Economy" Robert G. Hagstorm Our price: $5.99 | You save: $21.96
...available here.
The author conducts a thorough review of Buffett's philosophy of "focus investing" and then applies it to investment in sectors that Buffett himself usually ignores: technology and international stocks. Written in a style that's accessible to all levels of investors, "The Essential Buffett" not only serves as a great introduction to Warren Buffett but offers an innovative way to apply focus investing to the New Economy.

"Rules of The Trade: Indispensable Insights for Online Profits" David S. Nassar Our price: $5.99 | You save: $18.96
...available here.
Packed with real-life examples to illustrate key points, this book will teach you the basic rules of survival and help you preserve capital, learn the ropes, and go on to succeed in this lucrative but volatile profession.

More bargain business titles
...available here.

Bargain Books Outlet brings you the biggest and best names in fiction and mystery authors at great savings. Book lovers can stretch their book-buying dollars by saving on a great selection of illustrated titles as well!


Grab a couple of mysteries by big-name authors at fantastic savings while supplies last.

"Hot Six" Janet Evanovich Our price: $6.99 | You save: $17.96
...available here.
This, the sixth in the author's Stephanie Plum series, will make you a Janet Evanovich fan if you're not one already. For a thriller with a healthy dose of wacky humor, this one's a sure bet.

"The Prometheus Deception" Robert Ludlum Our price: $7.99 | You save: $19.96
...available here.
"The Prometheus Deception" begins with a deep-cover operative, a beautiful cryptographer with a shadowy past, a government organization that's not what it seems, and an assignment that goes very, very wrong. Filled with post-cold-war double-crosses, New Economy high jinks, and even a few Wall Street shenanigans thrown in for good measure, "The Prometheus Deception" is pure old-style Ludlum, repackaged for the new millennium.

"Grievance" K. C. Constantine Our price: $5.99 | You save: $17.96">...available here.
Known by some as among the best mystery writers in America, this author has escaped the notice of lots of readers, which is sad, because Constantine's characterizations are dead-on. If you're a fan of hard-core police procedurals, pick this one up.

"Personal Injuries" Scott Turow Our price: $7.99 | You save: $19.01
...available here.
Scott Turow has always pushed himself beyond the expectations of readers and critics. In "Personal Injuries," Turow continues to innovate on legal fiction, but his achievement this time is not gained through clever plot twists (though there are several) or intense legal action (though there is much of that too). The achievement of mastery this time is via exquisitely drawn, Faulknerian characters--attorney Robbie Feaver, agent Evon Miller, U.S. Attorney Stan Sennett, and Justice Brendan Tuohey--whose lives become the driving mystery at the core of the book. More bargain mysteries
...available here.


This week's eclectic selection includes a modern Western saga, historical fiction, a gripping tale of the particular nature of evil, and a collection of short stories, among others.

"Fencing the Sky" James Galvin Our price: $5.99 | You save: $17.01
...available here.
James Galvin opens his first novel with a shocking, seemingly inexplicable murder--horseman Mike Arans closes in on a pistol-packing motorist named Merriwether Snipes, throws a rope, and snaps his neck--and then proceeds to illuminate why it happened, what it means, and how Mike deals with the consequences. "Fencing the Sky" is a gripping, well-told story of the changing landscape of the West in the tradition of Cormack McCarthy and Larry McMurtry.

"Custer's Luck" Robert Skimin Our price: $4.99 | You save: $20.01
...available here.
The most compelling account of the Little Bighorn ever written, this powerfully detailed historical novel vividly re-creates the lives of two of the most celebrated leaders of 19th-century America, General George Armstrong Custer and Chief Sitting Bull. The Battle of the Little Bighorn itself, described in all of its frightening detail, is the riveting climax to the artfully portrayed collision of two civilizations: one reaching for its manifest destiny, one struggling for survival.

"A Prayer for the Dying" Stewart O'Nan Our price: $5.99 | You save: $16.01
...available here.
When his town's sleepy summer tranquility is shattered by an outbreak of diphtheria, Jacob Hansen--constable, deacon, and undertaker--faces an impossible dilemma: save both himself and his family or observe his many duties? The inexorable and crushing horror of Stewart O'Nan's fifth novel is that evil doesn't flinch, and its insistence can obliterate goodness and corrupt humility. Deep, disturbing, and riveting, this book will stay with you long after you've put it down.

"Abe" Richard Slotkin Our price: $6.99 | You save: $20.51
...available here.
In the early 1980s, politicians got a lot of mileage out of reading--or noisily claiming to have read--Gore Vidal's biographical novel "Lincoln." Now pols wanting to lay claim to the 16th president's mythical integrity have another book to add to the shelf. In "Abe: A Novel of the Young Lincoln," Richard Slotkin sets out to discover the very roots of Lincoln's politics.

"Wonderful Town : New York Stories from the New Yorker" David Remnick Our price: $9.98
...available here.
John Cheever ("The Five-Forty-Eight"), James Thurber ("The Catbird Seat"), Maeve Brennan ("I See You, Bianca"), Isaac Bashevis Singer ("The Cafeteria"), Jamaica Kincaid ("Poor Visitor"), and many other New York writers are represented in this superb collection of short fiction about the city from "The New Yorker."

More bargain fiction
...available here.


Now is a great time to build up your illustrated book library with these titles showcasing the best in portrait, landscape, and journalistic photographers.

"Atget" John Szarkowski Our price: $19.98
...available here.
This superbly reproduced volume presents the essence of the work of the great French photographer Eugène Atget in 100 carefully selected photographs. John Szarkowski, an acknowledged master of the art of looking at photographs, explores in this book the unique sensibilities that made Atget one of the greatest artists of the 20th century and a vital influence on the development of modern and contemporary photography.

"Tibet: The Roof of the World Between Past and Present" Maria Antonia Sironi Diemberger Our price: $19.98 | You save: $25.02
...available here.
In a coffee-table book that will likely take up half the table, Maria Sironi Diemberger gathers some of the most fabulous photographs of Tibet into an encyclopedic collection.

"Landscapes of the Spirit" William Neill Our price: $14.98 | You save: $25.02
...available here.
This amazing collection of images reveals the magic of discovery and the restorative qualities of wild nature. Acclaimed landscape photographer William Neill invites the viewer to enter scenes of great beauty and emotional renewal, affirming the human spirit and its place in the natural world. The result is a presentation of extraordinary sensitivity and serenity.

"Weegee's World" Weegee Our price: $35.00 | You save: $40.00
...available here.
A landmark book on the most celebrated news photographer of this century, "Weegee's World" features the work of this archetypal hard-bitten tabloid photographer who was also a modern master of the art of photography.

"Margaret Bourke-White" Our price: $24.98 | You save: $32.97
...available here.
This import edition showcases the work of one of America's most important 20th-century photojournalists.

See more bargain photography and art books
...available here.

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